Free Zone Company Setup

Free Zones

The investors dream for tax free business setup in UAE, so their business formation is done with the help of one of the best business consultants in UAE famous as MarkAI. UAE has nearly forty free zones and all the free zones have different features but most of the benefits are the same. Some of the main and common features are

  • Zero tax
  • Hundred percent ownership
  • Repatriation of the capital

In 1987 Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority came into the existence and after it succeeded many other free zones across UAE emerged following the foot print of JAFZA. The Free Zones are mainly known for unusual business like IT solutions, Finance and Management consultancy etc., but the commodities trading companies can also exist within the free zones. The choice made by investors is not according to what the free zone is all about rather the choice of free zone company setup in UAE which is done on the basis of perks and waivers that suits the requirement of the investors.

Dubai Free Zones

The emirate Dubai has the largest number of free zones all over UAE, and this shows the business potential along with rate of growth in free zone company formation in Dubai .

The Unique features Dubai free Zones

  • Nationality restrictions in Dubai are not so tough, which means that the nationals from the high risks countries has little room here in compare to other free zones. The nationals form countries like Iraq, Algeria and Syria etc. can get the residence visa here. If this is compared with the northern free zones for the residence visa there are lots of formalities.
  • There is no urgent or instant registration scheme due to the compliances and the physical presence of the shareholder is mandatory unless he picks an individual as his surrogate.
  • For the residence visa shareholder has to go for the health insurance.
  • The bank account can be opened easily.
  • Owning a free zone company set up in Dubai is more valuable.

The name of the Dubai free zones are enlisted below

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis Features
  • It has vast business and trade opportunities
  • Hi tech ambience with an area of 7.2 square kilometres
  • All the IT solutions companies are stationed here
  • 100% ownership and repatriation on capital
  • Income, corporate, service, export and import tax exemption
  • Online E business system to support the business
  • Précised IP regulations
  • FZE company has one share holder while FZC can have two to ten hare holders
  • Share capital is minimum AED 10,000/

Activities – There are multiple business activities offered, MarkAI consultants will assist businesses with selecting an activity best suited for your business and ensure efficient and effective working.

MarkAI will help in all the required formalities and documentations associated with the company formation in Dubai silicon Oasis.

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone DAFZA features
  • This is the favourite spot for the businesses like Aviation, Aerospace, transportation and logistics etc.
  • 24/7 custom clearance centre
  • Ware houses and furnished offices
  • Flexi desk can be acquired for a couple of years after this it requires an upgrade
  • The approval of a company can take more than a week usually
  • Free zone company setup in Dubai is suitable for existing businesses rather than new start ups


  • Hundred percent repatriation of capital, exemption on taxes and ownership
  • No currency restrictions
  • Adjacent to the terminal 2 airport
  • Logistics centres that are dedicated

MarkAI is committed to help all the clients with mandates and required documents

Dubai Design District
  • Dubai Design District Dubai Design District company formation is assisted by the MarkAI and here are some of the specifications mentioned about the district
  • This district is for the creative thinkers
  • It is very close to Dubai mall and downtown Dubai
  • It is the place where talent gets wings into the international skies
  • Dual licensing with mainland
  • It is managed by TECOM
  • All the free zone benefits it has
  • It issues marketing, fashion, luxury, interiors, design & e commerce


  • Full ownership
  • Duty free import and export
  • Global exposure on versatility design, fashion and luxury
  • Automated security system
Dubai Healthcare City

It is the best place for the health researchers and the medical students, some of the features are specified below – (add more features)

  • Here the branches of the foreign & local company along with the Free Zone Limited Liability Company are found


  • Ownership and repatriation of the capital like other free zones offer the companies
  • Wide range of business support services
  • World Class exposure
  • Seminars to promote to businesses
  • Hassle free company formation in Dubai healthcare City
Dubai International Academic City

For the Company formation in Dubai International Academic City investors need a business consultant like MarkAI. Some of specification are specified below

  • This is the world’s largest free zone dedicated for the higher education
  • It is a base for many regional and international colleges and universities
  • The students from all the corners of the world gather here
  • Wide scope of academic and educational activities
  • It is managed by TECOM
  • This for the investors who are ready to open own University


  • All free zone benefits are for the company setup
  • Educational support services
  • Visa flexibility for students and faculties
  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • Academic and vocational training centres
Dubai Internet City

MarkAI helps in company formation in Dubai Internet City which is the largest tech community in the MENA region. Some of the features are discussed below

  • It is located in new Dubai and very near to the residential access
  • Metro rail connectivity make it more special
  • World class internet based activities
  • Managed by TECOM
  • Networking and Multi Media firms are located here
  • Known for the software solutions, Telecom and IT


  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • Opportunities on expansion & exposure on market networks
  • World class infrastructure
  • Favourable environment for E business
  • Business environment based on metro Ethernet
Dubai International Financial Centre

    Dubai International Financial Centre is a financial hub that is not only meant to setup the business in Dubai, but it is also the financial hub for the whole MENA region. The financial and Non-Financial companies are allowed to practice their business. This is a place where around 2100 firms are present, and the importance of the presence in DIFC can be understood with the help of benefits mentioned below:

    • Hundred percent ownership with no restriction on foreign talent
    • Zero percent tax for 50 years and on the income of employees
    • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
    • It has diversified business ambience
    • World class work style and life style
    • Flexible cross border activities
    • Flexibility in hiring foreign talent
Dubai Knowledge Village

Knowledge based company set up in Dubai has become easy these days with the help of MarkAI. It is the part of TECOM and the companies like Human Resource, training and development etc. are found here. It provides the licenses types for

  • Free zone Limited Liability Company
  • Branch office of UAE company
  • Branch office of a foreign company
  • Free Lance Permit
  • It is a heaven for vocational training, educational institutes, Human resource consultancies, free lancers and management start up
  • The business activities like the training on computer, language, fine arts, child skills development, tutoring and technical occupational skills
  • Research & Development


  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • Hundred percent ownership, repatriation of profit and capital
  • International Exposure
  • Zero personal and corporate tax
  • Business oriented legal structure
  • Flexibility in hiring foreign talent
Dubai Media City

It is the most famous media cluster in the MENA region with world’s leading companies and it is managed by the Dubai creative clusters authority, so MarkAI is going to help in the company formation in Media City.


  • Hundred percent foreign ownership
  • Zero corporate & Personal tax for 50 years
  • No conditions on capital repatriation
  • No currency restrictions
  • No restriction on the foreign talent and employees
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Initial approval, registration and license are the three important steps to start off the business set up in DMCC. It is the largest free zone in the world that houses around fifteen thousand companies in the world.


  • It is located in JLT free hold area which is opposite to Dubai Marina
  • Two metro stations and Shaikh Zayed road access
  • The investors from all over the world throng here
  • The vibrant business community
  • Licenses available for trading, services and light industries with option of three visas


  • Flexibility in hiring foreign talent
  • Zero custom duty for services and goods
  • Incorporation is considerably simplified
  • Visa services for 24 hours
  • Swift immigration
  • Opportunities to build network
Jebel Ali Free Zone

There are many benefits in the company set up in JAFZA because it is the oldest free zone in UAE, which is located next to the world largest man made port.


  • Hundred percent foreign ownership
  • Zero duty on import or re-export
  • Zero corporate & personal tax for next fifty years
  • No limitations on capital repatriation
  • No currency restrictions
  • No restriction on foreign talent or Employees
  • No Minimal capital investment
  • Direct access to the consumer market

Types of companies

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Free Zone Company (FZCO)
  • Subsidiary Company
  • non-resident offshore company
Dubai World Central (Dubai South)


There are the variety of licenses for aviation, consultancy, professional services, education, and technology etc. when it comes to Dubai south company formation, while some of these activities require the external approvals as well. The trading licenses cover wide range of activities including export and import. Brief on the other features

  • All kinds approved goods are for the general trading licence available with perfect office space
  • Logistics license covers logistic services without any trading
  • Light production and assembly is covered within the industrial licence
  • Training, social services and consultancy is covered by the Educational Licenses


  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • Round the clock Visa service
  • Zero duty for services and goods
  • Swift formation of company
  • Low duty on import and export
Dubai Studio City

MarkAI helps in company formation in Dubai Studio, which is the first broadcasting hub in the MENA region that is always ready for the lights, camera and action.


  • It is located in newly developed Dubai with an access to premium residential communities
  • Some of the biggest sound stages in region are found here
  • Wide range of the media production activities
  • Managed by TECOM
  • Licenses issued are on broadcasting, TV & Radio, Production, Music and Entertainment


  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • Suitable amenities for media businesses
  • Advanced infrastructure
Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone

For the business setup in DWTC free zone business consultancy MarkAI is ready to help. Features

  • Wide range of professional activities are covered by services licenses
  • Business activity classification is exactly as DED has for mainland company formation that also includes external approvals for some business activities.
  • Wide range of import and export is covered by the trading licenses
  • General trading license is also available
  • For organizations of meetings, conferences and MICE the event management license is issued
  • The DED registered companies operated from DWTC under the business operating permits.


  • Located at the centre of Dubai
  • No limitations on fund repatriation and currency
  • No export tax
  • Easy going on shore and offshore operations
Dubai gold and diamond park

This free zone is located beside prominent Shaikh Zayed road and this facility is famous for businesses done in silver, gold, platinum and stone. The Licenses here are provided for trade, manufacturing, retail, service, e commerce, national industrial, and innovation along with off-shore registration.


  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • 24/7 freedom on operations
  • Central Air conditioned and gas distribution plant
  • Fire safety system, security and video surveillance for 24/7
  • Tourists and buyers are enticed with nice retail centre
Dubai 1 Central

This is managed by Dubai World Trade Centre and it is located on Shaikh Zayed Road where the exhibition centre and world trade centre are in proximity. It permits two type of businesses structures where one can have more than one share holder and at least one director, while another is branch office.


  • Dual licensing
  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre

Dubai silicon oasis has developed Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre where the tech enthusiasts who wanted to open business in Dubai Silicon Oasis can open the business in DTEC, which is meant for the information technology related license. FZE license is for single shareholder while FZCO is for 2 to 10 shareholders.


  • No currency restrictions
  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • MENA and Indian Subcontinent are the markets
Dubai car and automotive city free zone or DUCAMZ

Eyeing the used car market of Asia and Africa this free zone was opened in the year of 2000. Both left and right sides driving vehicles are served here for the business and the sea and air port are in proximity.


  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • No limitations on number of cars
  • Low freight charges
  • No currency restrictions
  • Easy custom clearance
Meydan Free Zone

This free zone entices many business owners from all over the world, and it is located in Meydan stadium for horse racing. The other activities like sports, hospitality and entertainment are part of this free zone. The license that one can get for business is media, commercial and consultancy.


  • One to seven minimum shareholders
  • Only there is permission of one director
  • 2 visas eligibility
  • No investor visa
  • Physical presence of shareholder by the time of incorporation
  • UAE commercial law is followed and in some functions the emirates law becomes important


  • Full ownership, tax freedom, full repatriation of profit
  • Easy business set up
  • Guarded business ambience